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Culture Based Leadership


Culture Based Leadership

When you are not there, it is the culture, that leads

As a leader you must constantly be in motion to be aware of everything going on. And this applies both externally to customers and internally to the rest of the organization. 

Hence, many leaders are forced to let their employees and teams be alone for periods of time. And when you are not there it is the culture that leads. The old saying, “When the cat is away the mice dance on the tables” also applies to many employees. When the manager isn’t present there is a drop in performance and dedication for a large number of employees. Such a loss of profitability can be avoided by creating a culture where the common purpose and an ambitious goal is embedded in the collective culture.

Culture is the collective set of values that guide employees’ behavior, choices and attitude - and it is your responsibility to ensure that the culture supports the vision. Once employees have accepted joint responsibility the culture changes from within.

The key issues of this lecture are:

  • From patchy leadership to culture-based presence
  • The collective responsibility - how it is done in practice
  • Organizational development – how you spread the cultural values
  • Culture is like a piece of wet soap - so don’t squeeze

There is nothing that indicates you’re going to get more time to be with your employee or teams in the future. Therefore, the cultural administration is a key element in your future leadership. It is about creating a community where everyone takes responsibility - not just for their own tasks - but also for the department or team.